300m min	45mic Cup Paper PBS Coating Lamination Machine

300m min 45mic Cup Paper PBS Coating Lamination Machine

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    PBS Coating Lamination Machine


    45mic Coating Lamination Machine


    45mic extrusion coating machine

  • Type
    Extrusion LamiatIng Machine
  • Condition
  • Automatic Gra
  • Driven Type
  • Voltage
    By Customer
  • Lifetime
    More Than 10 Year
  • Water Tempeture
  • Air Pressure
  • Warranty
  • Life Time
    More Than 10years
  • After Sales Service
    Engineers Avaiable To Service Machnery Oversea
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  • Certification
    CE, ISO
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Sea worthy packaging
  • Delivery Time
    90-150 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C , T/T
  • Supply Ability
    Max 20sets per month

300m min 45mic Cup Paper PBS Coating Lamination Machine

380V 100~400gsm cup paper extrusion laminator





Item LY-ASCP-1200 LY-ASCP-1400 LY-ASCP-1700
LY-ADCP-1200 LY-ADCP-1400 LY-ADCP-1700
Effective laminating width: max1100mm max1300mm max1600mm
Machinery speed: 300m/min 300m/min 300m/min
Screw diameter: φ100mm φ100mm φ115mm
Max output: 400kg/h 400kg/h 400kg/h
Max unwinder diameter: φ1500mm φ1500mm φ1500mm
Max rewinder diameter: φ1800mm φ1800mm φ1800mm
Laminating thickness range: 8-45μm
Base material: Paper(100-400gsm)
Water supplier temperature: 15°-25°
Power supply: 380V-50Hz (3-phase 5-wire)

Main Features

1) Double Shaft-less paper roll stands suitable for 3-6 inch paper core,automatic lift ,easier operation .

2) Auto splicer device realize paper in 150-300 m/min speed exchange without decrease machine line speed

3) Ultrasonic type EPC system,makes frequent replacement materials operation more simple

4) Hydraulic lamination structure design , can make coating thinner and firm .

5) Trimming device make the finished coated paper rolls even

6)Special cutting knife and rewinder design makes high speed rewinding shafts exchange possible


300m min	45mic Cup Paper PBS Coating Lamination Machine 0




  • The pre-treatment includes corona treatment and static elimination on the surface of base materials. Especially in extrusion coating process, corona treatment is needed to assist molten web to permeate into the pores or cottony gaps on the surface of base materials under the pressure of pressure roll, improving the adhension between coating film and base materials.
  • Corona treatment will stop when production line speed below 20m/min and automatically starts when speed above 20m/min.
  • The corona machine is equipped with work condition indicating lamp, oil-immersed high-frequency transformer, electric digital meter reading output power and adjustable low-speed interlock. It will be warning on overheat,hyper-charger, breakdown and corona lost, and works with high-efficiency and low-consumption.


300m min	45mic Cup Paper PBS Coating Lamination Machine 1

Compound machine

  • The coumpound device consist of cooling roller, silicone rubber pressure roller, back-up roller, discharge roller, trimming deflashing device, wheelwork pneumatic device and some other devices. It is used to combine melted sheet film with basic materials and is the key device of extrusion lamination or extrusion coating. Its main functions are composite, cooling and shaping.
  • Its production line is equipped with external hard chromium plating and steel rollers with double-deck clamp cover auger-type screw channel. the clamp cover of screw channel is filled witth cooling water to take away the heat of melted thin film so that composite thin film can get a great result in cooling shaping, and this greatly improves the fastness, smoothness and external beauty of composite.

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​Bead cut equipment

  • Shrink-width makes two sides thicker, as a result, the two sides of the composite material need to be trimmed, otherwise the composite material will have some quality problems such as drape, crimp and unevenness.
  • It is convenient to renew cutter and adjust effective width. It can save time and labor at the same time, and makes the products flat and smooth.





300m min	45mic Cup Paper PBS Coating Lamination Machine 3